For the past 8 years, Emily Svec has been the "not so behind the scenes" coordinator and artistic director for Body by Svec, where she has been providing living breathing pieces of art through body decor. Currently based in Austin, Texas, but well known most notably in Des Moines, Iowa, the Body by Svec crew has traveled to locations such as: Austin, Ames, Cedar Falls, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago and Portland. Body by Svec has been involved in many events including various held at the Des Moines Social Club, 80-35 Festival, Summerfest and the BodyWorld's exhibit promotion. 

Emily Svec has painted over 250 men and women of varying shapes and sizes.

Body by Svec's body décor has received much attention and has been featured in 515, Juice, Core magazines, and various book covers as well as newspapers. Svec paints for the love of the body, using her art to define beauty beyond societal norms. Her goal is to show the harmony of the natural human body, unhindered by preconceived notions of age, size, or shape. 

"The body art of Emily Svec takes us a long way from clown faces and kitty whiskers. She does up her boys and girls with a jewelers intensity that in no way interferes with the sweet scrapping between her colors, the lively contrasts. Every curl, every streak, seems alert to the body and its pleasures, yet the imaginations always shaped by some refining drama, some controlling intelligence. To attend an event that features Body by Svec is to surrender to a midsummer nights dream; your wit can never match that of the Fairy Queen." John Domini, critic for New York Times, author of A TOMB ON THE PERIPHERY.